The L'Oeuvre 
Kayla Polan: Good Naked and Bad Naked 
Interview by Lauren Armstrong 

Fermenting Feminism
Group exhibition catalogue 
Published by Critical Distance Centre for Curators
Curator and writer: Lauren Fournier
ISBN: 978-0-9959982-4-7

Works include: 6 Tips on DIY Pickling & Other Cleaning Conundrums Solved 

Includes an interview with Kayla Polan

Curatorial essay by Lauren Fournier

This exhibition was included in Canadian Art Must-Sees, September 14-20 2017.

Mental Health
Group exhibition catalogue
Published by The White House Studio Project 
Curator and writer: Lauren Fournier 

Works include: Who Wants To Be A Mental Health Millionaire?

Curatorial essay by Lauren Fournier

Hart House Review, Canadian Literary Journal. 
Published by the Hart House, University of Toronto. 
Editors: Elena Senechal-Becker, Katie Lawson
ISSN 1202-6220

Works include: Are You Your Partner's Lover?, 6 Tips on DIY Pickling & Other Cleaning Conundrums Solved

Milkweed Zine
Issue III: Privacy & Visibility Issue  

Works include: Whipping Cream, Honey Pass the Corn Pops, Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Bubble Trouble, Pancakes For One Aren't Always Depressing

Cover artwork: Something's Burning (And It's Not Our Love) by Kayla Polan

Discount Mag 
Issue II: Food Edition

Works include: Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Peaches n' Scream, Honey Pass the Corn Pops, Pancakes For One Aren't Always Depressing, Don't Hit That Iceberg! 

Includes an interview with Kayla Polan

50 Shades of Kayla Polan
Dirty Laundry

This Art Works! 
Madeleine Co. in partnership with CBC Arts & OCAD University

Watch all 10 episodes of season 1 online on cbc.ca/watch (Canada only) or on YouTube (International).

The first two episodes were featured in 'Works for Change,' an interactive installation and screening at the Gardiner Museum, July 4 - 13, 2017. 

Art Works! Real Artists. Real Impact.
Madeleine Co. in partnership with OCAD University

Kayla Polan is featured in the Pilot episode.

You can watch the full video here

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