Bruise/Heal, performance documentation, 19:20 min, 2017.

Documentation by Michael Mandarano.

Excerpt from Hart House Review, written by Katie Lawson:
"Polan and her partner of the time took Marina Abromovic's performance Light/Dark, as a point of reference and departure, glancing at Feminism's past as a way to look both backward and forward, engaging with the productive space of parody and humour. Polan grapples with the seriousness of power dynamics, gender roles, social issues, and kink/fetish communities in a way that strikes a balance between what may be dark and painful, making space for audiences to laugh, relax, and reflect. She describes needing a "way to cope with the unkindness of the real circumstance." A way to keep an optimism for the future. Humour is a way to breach emotionally or socially difficult subject matter, and it's a way to reflect on the human condition. Polan in particular makes plain the strange dissonance between pain and excitement which accompanies the hypnotic repetition of gesture. It's ridiculous yet euphoric, meditative and tender."

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