Works for Change

Madeleine Co. created the Works for Change exhibition for the Gardiner Museum Community Art Space themed Art is Change.

Madeleine Co. Works For Change, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, July 4 – July 13, 2017

The Works for Change exhibition recreated the set of This Art Works!, a CBC Original Series featuring emerging Canadian artists dealing with the most pressing social issues of today. Through the two-week exhibition, audiences were invited to participate in a free program of how-to workshops and performances led by This Art Works! Artists. Guests contributed to a large-scale string installation titled How-To Make Art Work!, a tongue-in-cheek interactive artwork instructing people on how-to make art work for social change. 

Kayla’s sculpture series An Average Lunchbox was featured in This Art Works! Episode 1 “Doctors Notes Against Intolerance,” alongside the work of artist Leaf Jerlefia, which played during the span of the exhibition. 

About This Art Works! :

What happens when ‘90s show Art Attack meets real, working artists?

“There are artists who make pretty pictures to hang on your mantle. This Art Works! is not about those artists. A new original series for CBC Arts in partnership with OCAD University, This Art Works! is a subversively surreal showcase of provocative projects by Canadian artists tackling today’s most pressing and controversial issues. Using a variety of artistic methods (ball-gags, street signs, blanket forts, and menstrual blood just to name a few), the artists let their imaginations run wild to make art work for social change. With a supporting cast of comedians, This Art Works! fuses the wholesomeness of children’s television with an absurdist comedic bent, creating a bizarre world unlike any other.” - Madeleine Co. 

The Madeleine Co. team also included a sneaky reference to my oil painting Honey, Pass the Corn Pops.

Watch all 10 episodes of season 1 online on (Canada only) or on YouTube (International). 

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