Vacancy”, Bunker 2 Contemporary Art Container, Toronto, Canada. June 8 - July 9 2017.  

Group exhibition featuring works by Joe Chamandy, Aidan Cowling, Adam Chuck, Todd Fraser, Marlon Kroll, Kayla Polan, and Victor Vazquez

A Featured Exhibition in the Nuit Rose Festival.

Curated by John Elammar

Curatorial text by John Elammar: 
“What can a motel room symbolize in a contemporary society? Often acting as sites of cultural purgatory, motel rooms can encourage a manifestation of latent sexual, domestic, and personal attitudes. As a transient and ephemeral space, the motel room can offer an environment ripe for sexual liberation within temporary intimate chambers. Historically, these rooms have afforded a safe space for non-normative sexual practices, away from prying eyes and traditional views. Differing from a domestic bedroom, the motel room creates a cathartic space allowing for the formation and expression of new sexual identities, free from judgement.”

Kayla’s oil painting Pancakes For One Aren’t Always Depressing, and sculpture Frosted Flakes were included in the exhibition. 

“Kayla Polan’s Pancakes for one aren’t always depressing and Frosted Flakes, imagine the home as a space of mutual pleasure for all parties, rejecting a utilitarian (and patriarchal) domestication of sexual liberation. Polan’s work acts to redeem the domestic sphere, and expand upon normative understandings of sex and sexuality. Humour is an especially important part, as it can enable a break in the established social culture, eliminate taboo, and destabilize basic values of society.” - John Elammar, Curator

Kayla pouring the silicone onto the oil painted Frosted Flakes box in the gallery during installation

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