Chaste Graters

A Last Spasm of Etiquette, mixed media (silicone, Encapsol K, polyester resin, oil paint, plaster, Sculpee, plastic grapes, ceramic bowl commissioned by Holly Jo, fabric heart keychain, marble slab, wooden cheese board, wooden cheese knife, champagne glasses, necklace with key), 2017

Sunday Afternoon 69, mixed media (metal, silicone, polyester resin, oil paint, sculpee, white glue, plastic grapes, fabric, pom pom, Tupperware, necklace with key), 2017 

Romance for Two: Key To My Heart or Unlockable Shackles,” Akin Vitrine Gallery, 1485 Dupont Street, Toronto-Canada. March 2018. 

Always Unique, Utterly Unpredictable, Yet Intensely Familiar, mixed media (metal, silicone, polyester resin, urethane foam, expanding foam, oil paint, burger keychain, ceramic containers, ceramic plate, suede belt, wood, necklace with key), 2017

Some process shots from the studio in preparation for Akin Vitrine Gallery installation

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